Technology in the Classroom


Technology is a canvas for creativity and expression, a tool for information, a bridge for respect, and an opportunity for innovation. In our classroom we create cool stuff, respect our devices and people, and find ways to make things better. We want to live in a world where technology is used ethically and creatively to improve everyone's lives.


Canva is one of the websites of my preference. It has been useful tool to create many individual and collaborative presentations. One of its benefits is that any project can be easily shared and edited. It provides various presentation modes such as presenter and audience views , a timer, as well as Ai tools.

Here are some ways I used Canva to help me discuss some mini-lessons and design my own documents. Below you will see a QR code that was created in the Canva site..

Classroom Dojo

Classroom Dojo seems to be a popular app for communicating with parents, recording data such as academic, behavior, and participation points, and creating fun and interactive classroom roster.

I have set up Mrs. Briceño's (pretend) Kindergarten Class. With this QR Code or link, you will find a list of my students, contact access, and a point system based on tasks, efforts, and achievements.

Class Dojo QR Code


Animaker is an interesting tool to create numerous projects. This tool has many options for personalized avatars, templates, and musical backgrounds.

Here is a screen recording from an animation video I created on Animaker that uploaded into my Classroom Dojo announcement tab. Instead of a traditional paper welcome flyer they would get in the mail, I decided to share this information with my students and families electronically as a way to practice our method of communication.